School Uniform

You can purchase your child's uniform direct through My Clothing.

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PE Kit

From September the children will need their full school uniform to be worn each day, except for the days that they have PE. On those particular days they may wear their PE kit. This is similar to the current arrangements. Usually the children have PE twice a week.

However, we would like to re-emphasise the need for PE Kit requirements. We wish the PE kit that is worn to be comfortable and practical. We would appreciate if football or basketball kit is not worn, however tempting. One or two of our children have sensory issues and exemptions can be made, after a discussion with your child’s class teacher. On the whole though, we wish this PE kit to be applied consistently throughout the school year, and across all the year groups.

Sweatshirts and T-shirts need to be white or light blue.

Shorts and jogging bottoms should be navy blue or black

On the days that your child wears their PE kit, their footwear should be trainers

PE Kit can also be bought from My Clothing using the link above.