Welcome to Blakeney Tots
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We hope that you and your child enjoy your time here. We aim to provide a friendly and stimulating environment for both adults and children.

Our sessions run on a Friday morning from 9.30am - 11.30am

About us

Blakeney Tots is a parent / carer led group, which means that it is run by the parents who attend the group. There is a voluntary management committee for the group. Emma Evans is a trained member of the pre-school staff, she organises all the activities, if there is an activity you would like to try, please feel free to ask Emma.

Children are welcome from birth, until they are ready for playgroup - we have daily playgroup sessions, and when your child is ready to begin a member of the playgroup team will be available to chat to you.

We firmly believe that groups like ours play an important role in the community. Being at home with small children can be extremely hard work at times. Toddler groups give children vital opportunities to develop social skills and make new friends. They also give parents and carers a chance to meet others in similar situations. We hope that you are made welcome in our group and ask that when you are settled in you try and give a warm welcome to other newcomers.

The money we collect each week covers building running and maintenance costs and refreshments. Any surplus money is used to replace toys and equipment or to fund events.

The cost per session is £2.00 for the first child then 50p for each subsequent child. Babies up to the age of 6 months are free (but we do ask for a donation for the refreshments!)

We try and make everyone a drink on arrival, please feel free to help yourself from the kitchen if we forget or you would like a top up!

The children sit at tables for snack time at approx. 10.30 am; we provide milk or water and a range of healthy snacks.

We ask for parent help during snack time.

We usually start tidy up time at approximately 11am; your help would be greatly appreciated. We encourage the children to help also. All the boxes are labelled, and if you are unsure of where things go please ask.

After we have tidied away, we normally sit down and have a group singing session or story. The children really enjoy this - so don't be shy, join in!!


We all need to ensure our children are safe whilst at the group, so here are some basic health and safety points:
  • please keep food and drinks away from the carpeted area
  • no children are allowed in the kitchen
  • keep exterior gate and all doors closed
  • no outdoor shoes are to be worn inside the lodge
  • Please remember your child is your responsibility whilst at tots.
  • Remember to sign in on arrival
  • Familiarise yourself with the evacuation procedure