It is our intention to make our Pre-school genuinely accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community.

In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Ensure that the existence of the Pre-school is widely known in the local community.
  • Arrange our waiting list as described below.
  • Keep a place vacant, if this is financially viable, in order to accommodate emergency admissions.
  • Describe the Pre-school and its practices in terms which make it clear that it welcomes both father and mothers, other relations and other carers, including childminders and people from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups, with and without disabilities.
  • Monitor the gender and ethnic background of children joining the group to ensure that no accidental discrimination is taking place.
  • Make our equal opportunities policy widely known by displaying all policies within our Policies folder.
  • Be flexible about attendance patterns so as to accommodate the needs of individual children and families.

Our pre-school is open to all children regardless of race, creed, disability or background. We accept children from 2 years of age up to starting school.

The Pre-school gives priority to children in the following order:

  1. If a place is available on request, and there are no waiting children, then that place may be taken
  2. The oldest child on the waiting list
  3. It should be remembered that Admissions are made on the basis of the child's date of birth, rather than date of enrolment.
  4. Children within the immediate community.
  5. Children with social / special educational needs.