Sports Premium

The Use and Impact of Sports Premium at Blakeney Primary School 2015-2016

The Government announced a renewed package of funding for physical education (PE) and school sport. Through a new 'Sport Premium' the Government is providing £150 million in each of the next two years to support the delivery of PE and sport in primary schools. This funding will be ring fenced, and will be allocated directly to primary schools across England, providing them with a dedicated resource to buy in invaluable expertise and support. Funding will be allocated through a lump sum for each school and a per-pupil top-up mechanism. The formula will reference the number of primary-aged pupils (i.e. children between the ages of 5 and 11). All schools with seventeen or more primary-aged pupils will receive a lump sum of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil. At Blakeney we are using our funding to enhance PE and Sport via investment in new, high quality resources, being part of Forest of Dean School Sports Partnership and also through the recruitment of a part time specialist coach for PE .

PE Curriculum
A wide range of activities are delivered in school which aim to engage and inspire all our children. We aspire to ensure that all children receive at least 2 hours per week of high quality well planned PE. Over the year each child will participate in games, athletics, dance and gymnastics lessons. Opportunities are also planned for swimming from Year R to Year 6. Our aim is that all children leave Blakeney School at the end of Year 6 able to swim 25 metres.

The Wider Curriculum
PE and sport has a high profile at Blakeney and permeate many aspects of school life. Throughout the year our topics may include opportunities for dance, movement or stand alone sporting occasions. In the summer term we are planning to hold a 'theme week', where children will be given the opportunity to participate in taster sessions of different sports. During our residential visits, children are given the opportunity to participate in many different activities which may include orienteering, assault courses and abseiling. In the Summer Term we also hold our annual Sports Day in which we encourage participation of all children and organise competitive races.

Beyond the School Day
At Blakeney School we are keen to provide a wide range of extra - curricular clubs for children throughout the year. These are facilitated by our specialist coach, as well as our full time staff Children enjoy the opportunity to try many different sports such as Basketball, High 5 Netball, Junior Fit, Cross Country, Athletics, Football, Multi Skills and rounders. Through the entering of competitions we encourage children to participate in team sport. Further details of after school clubs and photographs of our children enjoying sport and also taking part in competitive sport can be found throughout this website and on the Superstars noticeboard on the playground. Primary school experiences are pivotal to the children's perception of physical activity and we believe that children leave our school equipped to enjoy sport for all its health and social benefits. For those who relish the competitive element, they gain the skills, confidence and relevant experience to succeed at their chosen level and discipline.


Lump sum of £8000 plus a top up of £5 per pupil =££8335

School Recommendation

Sports Coach
Employ a sports coach for 2 full day to provide sports development across the school.

Focus would be on providing CPD for class teachers and teaching assistants, team teaching particular areas of the PE curriculum.

This will also allow further personalisation of the PE curriculum delivery, enabling adults to closely support those children requiring more support with basic skills and extending more able children to explore tactics and match play.

The coach would also provide 2 x after school sports clubs, extending provision beyond the school day and increasing the range and breadth of what is offered.

Cost = £5600

Inter-school fixtures and competition
Sign up to Forest School Sports Partnership which provides a range of inter school sporting competition to reflect both the sports being taught in school and new sports.

Cost = £50 per event. Estimated total £350

Swimming Provision
Subsidise swimming tuition at a local swimming pool to provide 12 weekly swimming sessions for all children from YR to Y6. This means we only ask parents for a contribution of £3.75 per week as opposed to £4.75 per week. This subsidy will increase uptake and assist us in our aim to make sure all children can swim 25m by the end of KS2.

Cost = £840

CPD / Resources
Focus on developing gymnastics and KS1 team sport in the Summer term. Update gym resources as necessary. Seek support to provide fresh ideas for dance and gym.

Cost = £330

How will impact be measured?

Comparison of number of children attending after school clubs year on year.

Entry to the number of sporting competitions has increased and therefore will lead to a greater number of children participating in Inter School Sporting Competitions.

Lesson observations will be undertaken to ensure lessons are securely good or better.

Curriculum governor to take active role in challenging the use of the premium and evaluating is impact.

Questionnaires will be administered amongst staff and children to evaluate effectiveness of the provision and to identify further areas for development.