Ravenclaw Class Year: 2    Teacher: Mrs Radnor
Animal Kingdom

Our Topic this term is
'Animal Kingdom'

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Carol Singing at Sydenham House

We had a great time today at Sydenham House sing carols with Becky. Thank you so much for our kind gifts!

Magical Walk

Today we went on a magical walk to find the elves living in Blakeney, look at what we found!

Violin Recital

Today Ravenclaw celebrated our 10 violin sessions by sharing what we have learnt with their parents and guardians.

Look at some of the pictures from our fantastic performance with a special thanks to Mrs. Jo Chew our violin teacher.

It's a Baby Boy Dress Rehearsal

Today we visited Sydenham House to have a dress rehearsal for our play of It's A Baby, look at our fantastic costumes.

The residents were very grateful for our visit.

Thank you for having us again and for our special Christmas treats!


Look at some of our practical Maths work today when adding two, two-digit numbers.

Music with Becky

On Wednesday 3rd November Ravenclaw Class went to visit Sydenham House again with Becky, we recited some of our amazing poems about Bonfire Night and sang some beautiful songs. As a treat, Sydenham House kindly let off some fireworks and gave us a toffee apple to take home. We had a great afternoon! Thank you for having us.

Becky from Gloucestershire Music Academy

Another fantastic session singing with Tom, Becky and the residents of Sydenham House. We had lots of fun sharing our favourite songs!