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Blakeney Primary School

Page updated 01/07/17

High Street, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. GL15 4EB
Tel: 01594 510270
e-Mail: admin@blakeney.gloucs.sch.uk
Headteacher: Brett Stevenson

We are an Extended School

Year: 3 & 4     Teachers: Mrs Allen & Mrs Matthews
Our Topic this term:
Flow & Urban Pioneers

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Hufflepuff Class Rivers Research Homework

  1. Choose a river to research. This could be a local river, a river in a different part of Britain or even a river in a different part of the world.
  2. Research your river and find out a few facts about it. You could use books or the internet to help you with this.
  3. Choose a method to show what you have found out about your river. You could write a fact file, draw a labelled diagram, make a model of the river or choose another method of your choice.
  4. Please bring your work in to share with the class.
If you have any difficulties with completing this work, then please speak to Mrs Matthews as soon as possible.

This homework is due in by Friday 14th July.