The Governing Body

This is the Governing body pre-October 2019
For current body, see HERE →

The Blakeney and Pillowell Community Schools Federation Governing Body is responsible for determining the aims and overall conduct of the school with a view to helping the school provide the best possible education for its pupils. In doing so it must comply with the requirements laid down by the Department for Education and Gloucestershire Education Authority.

The Governing Body currently consists of eight governors, one of whom is the Head Teacher. Two parent governors are elected by the parents: one Staff governor by the staff: one County Council governor nominated by the County Council and finally up to four Co-opted governors chosen by the governors to increase community involvement.

Each meeting is also attended by the Clerk to Governors who keeps minutes and advises governors of any changes in legislation.

Please feel free to make contact if you have any problems or queries, either directly or Email the governors on

You may also request a copy of minutes from a meeting.

All governors take a 4 year term of office.

The Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually.

The Governing Body Committee Structure consists of;

  • Brett Stevenson - Headteacher (Member of all committees)
  • Steve McMillan - Local Authority Governor (Chair of Governors and Member/Chair of all committees elected by the governing body)
  • Reverend Rob James - Co-opted Member (Vice Chair, member of all committees) elected by the governing body
  • Matt Baker - Blakeney Parent Governor (Member of all committees) elected by parents
  • Vacancy Nov ‘18 - Pillowell Parent Governor (Member of all committees) elected by parents
  • Nicky Dowle - Staff Governor (FGB Member) elected by staff
  • David Lane - Co-opted (FGB Member) elected by the governing body
  • Gemma Davis - Co-opted and Staff Member (FGB Member) elected by the governing body
  • Co-opted Governor – Vacancy
  • Co-opted Governor – Vacancy

Associate members

  • John Henry - Chair of Governors at Walmore Hill School (FGB Member)

Clerk to Governors

Declaration of Interests

Members of the Governing Body are requested to declare any interests which are pecuniary or non-pecuniary prior to any meetings.

There are currently two governors who have declared an interest.
  • Reverend Rob James - A governor at another school
  • John Henry - Is the Chair of Governors at Walmore Hill School

Governors are required to inform the Governing Body of any relationships with school staff to include spouse, partners or relatives.

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