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Blakeney Primary School

Page updated 09/12/16

High Street, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. GL15 4EB
Tel: 01594 510270
e-Mail: admin@blakeney.gloucs.sch.uk
Headteacher: Brett Stevenson

We are an Extended School

Drama Week

Wednesday 23rd November - Thursday 1st December

Drama Week Pictures Letter

Report in The Review

Report in The Forester:

Show Tickets:
The publicity team have been working really hard on tickets so far this Drama week. There were 6 winning designs, 3 for Wednesday's performance and 3 for Thursday's performance.

The tickets will be laminated and published in the coming days! LOOK OUT!

Pillowell, Walmore Hill and Blakeney Schools are working in partnership to produce a pantomime within one week. The Pantomime production will be on Wednesday 30th November and Thursday 1st December.

We have hired Lydney Town Hall as the space for the production for both nights. The shows will start at 6.30.

The emphasis is that the whole week is a workshop; with the obvious aim of meeting the challenge of putting together a production from scratch As the Reception Children are so much younger, there will be a different format for them.

During the week, much of their time is being spent preparing for their scene in the show. The staff are rehearsing their acting and singing in their own school.

We will ask you to make your child available for one of the performances, either 30th November or 1st December.

More details in letters below: