Blakeney School email addresses

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Class Year Email Class email password
Slytherin Reception Slytherin@R
Slytherin Year 1 Slytherin@1
Ravenclaw Year 1 Ravenclaw@1
Ravenclaw Year 2 Ravenclaw@2
Hufflepuff Year 3 Hufflepuff@3
Hufflepuff Year 4 Hufflepuff@4
Hufflepuff Year 5 Hufflepuff@5
Gryffindor Year 4 Gryffindor@4
Gryffindor Year 5 Gryffindor@5
Gryffindor Year 6 Gryffindor@6

To email teachers
Teacher Year Email
Mrs Davis Slytherin Reception
Year 1
Miss Fisher Ravenclaw Year 1
Year 2
Mrs Tomkins Hufflepuff Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Mrs Bees Gryffindor Year 4
Year 5
Year 6