Each week pupils receive Achievement Awards.


  • Slytherin; 
    Marco - Trying Hard at spelling
    Leo - Reading at home

  • Ravenclaw;
    Kian - For reading at home
    Logan - Working hard using punctuation

  • Hufflepuff;
    Ava - For great handwriting
    Calum - For swimming 5m

  • Gryffindor;
    Sophie - For courage on stage
    Emily - For winning the Christmas card competition

We are now having house teams. We will give out points during the week and reveal the winning team on a Friday.

The teams are: Red-Norchard, Green-Cannop, Blue-Wenchford & Yellow-Hopewell.

The winning team this week is
Red: Norchard.


Emily won the church "Design a Christmas card" competition. Well done Emily.